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Introducing the world's first high-capacity all-in-one sprouter. Each component is custom designed from the countertop up for sprouting, making it more convenient, safe, and beautiful. 


- Extra-wide straight-walled GLASS vessel allows quick and complete drainage, unlike mason jars- saving you time, improving sprout quality, and keeping you safe.  

- Large ~55oz capacity yields enough sprouts for 1 serving per day per person for a week. Add more sprouters as needed.

- All-in-one design means it just works. No more cobbled-together solutions.

- Integrated stand securely and elegantly holds the sprouter at the perfect angle for optimal airflow and drainage.

- Formed 304 stainless steel filter is more sanitary than mesh, and reduces splashes during rinsing.

- Completely dishwasher safe, ensuring a sanitary growing environment.